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CIL Plans (Community Infrastructure Levy)

The Community Infrastructure Levy is a charge that local authorities can set on new development in order to raise funds to help fund the infrastructure, facilities and services - such as schools or transport improvements - which are needed to support new homes and businesses in the areas. Its is calculated per square metre and involves multiplying the CIL charging rate by the net chargeable floor area (based on Gross Internal Area (GIA)), and factoring in an index figure to allow for changes in building costs over time on existing buildings that are to be demolished or retained within a new development.

ELS can produce basic floor plans of any existing buildings that are to be demolished or retained using on site measurement or old existing paper floor plans and calculate the GIA used for the CIL calculation. These basic floor plans will show walls, windows, doors and staircases. These basic floor plans can also be useful for the demolition contractor.

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